11 Hotspots enroute to Amed

Explore amazing hotspots enroute to Amed in East-Bali and discover fascinating temples, waterpalaces, great panorama views on Mount Agung, rice fields and the Virgin beach. All locations can be found via roadsigns on the main coastal road and your navigation program.

Lake Yeh Malet

Yeh Malet is a tiny lake and one of the newest attractions enroute to Amed. Local villagers offer you a roundtrip on a bamboo raft. It is located near the main road before the harbour of Padang Bai.

Mary Afdan at Yeh Malet pond in East-Bali
It is very nice to explore the lake full of water flowers while being on a bamboo raft.

Batcave Goa Lawah

Goa Lawah is one of the most popular temples in East-Bali. It has a big batcave and many Balinese ceremonies are being held here. On the beach opposite of the temple Balinese people especially gather here for the festive cremation ceremonies.

Batcave temple Goa Lawah East-Bali
One of the entrances to the bat cave temple know as Goa Lawah.

Lotuspond Candidasa

The lotuspond in Candidasa is a popular hotspot near the sea. Many people like to walk around here and have a meal at the nearby restaurants.

Candidasa Lotuspond East-Bali
The many water flowers open up in the morning. Photo Bert Vrolijk, Guest Villa Sinar Cinta

Panoramaview Mount Agung

Enroute to Amed you can also decide to have a (lunch)break at the Virgin Beach aka White Sandy Beach. The Bukit Asah hill road has this amazing panoramaview on Mount Agung and the Bali Sea.

Panoramaview on Mount Agung Bukit Asah East-Bali
This new road with amazing views has just been opened a few years ago.

White sandy beach

Virgin Beach aka White Sandy Beach is a special spot as the North East coast of Bali is known for its black sandy beaches. The secret beach’s bay is secluded by huge rocks on both sides. You can relax by yourself at the far end or rest in the central part of the beach. Here free sunbeds are available in front of the restaurants where you might like to eat and drink.

Virgin Beach East-Bali
The sea current in front of this beach can be very strong and refreshing.

Waterpalace Ujung

In 1909 ‘Taman (meaning garden) Ujung’ was built by one of the kings of Karangasem. The water palace was destroyed by the eruption of Mount Agung in 1963 and rebuilt again after an earthquake in 1979. Although not all the buildings were restored the remaining ruins give it a certain archeological charm.

Waterpalace Ujung East-Bali
Viewpoint towards the Ujung waterpalace with the sea in the background, photo Bert Vrolijk guest of Villa Sinar Cinta

Traditional market Amlapura

If you like traditional markets than this is one of the favourite hotspots enroute to Amed, the market in Amlapura. Here you can buy groceries, fresh fruit, spices, hot peppers and also local handicraft.

Spices at Amlapura market East-Bali
The use of hot peppers and spices are very popular in the Indonesian cuisine.

Waterpalace Tirtagangga

The Tirta Gangga water palace is a beautiful water garden, where you can cross the water basins via stepping stones and watch the giant Koi fish. After you have finished your early morning walk a cool dive in the special royal swimming pool is the best reward. Here you can bathe in the holy water coming from Mount Agung.

View on waterpalace Tirtagangga East-Bali
This is the most popular waterpalace in East-Bali, as many visitors like to share their pictures on social media.

Rice fields Tirtagangga

The rice fields in Tirtagangga are a green oasis and a special landscape in East-Bali. A local guide brings you for an unforgettable walk up the hill, through the forest, the villages and the rice fields where you can photograph the daily process of seeding, growing and harvesting rice.

Tracking ricefields Tirtagangga East-Bali
Rice fields in East-Bali as far as your eyes can see.

Heavens Gate at Lempuyang

The area of Lempuyang consists of many temples on different levels. If you don’t want to climb all the way up, you can choose to stay at the first level of the so called Heavens Gate. If you are lucky and it’s not cloudy you can see Mount Agung through the impressive gateway at the temple. As this is one of the most popular places for pictures on social media, the waiting time to take your picture can be more then one hour during high season. Luckily there are many more alternatives to take amazing picture.

Mary Afdan at Heavens Gate Lempuyang temple East-Bali
At Heavens Gate facing Mount Agung. Here at Lempuyang temple it is tradition to wear a Bali ‘sarong’ around your waist.

Sunset view Jemeluk Bay

Even if you just visited a view hotspots enroute to Amed, you might like to conclude the day with a drink and a great sunset view in Jemeluk. This is actually also one of the favourite hotspots for snorkelling and diving in the Bali Sea.

On the hill overlooking Jemeluk Bay in Amed you can see Mount Agung and mountain top of two other giants in East-Bali. Cheers!!! Selamat minum!

Drinking Bintang beer at sunset View Jemeluk Bay Amed East-Bali
Bintang beer is one of the favourite local beers in Indonesia.

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