Bali ceremonies

How to join Bali ceremonies

Daily and special offerings are an essential part of Bali life. To celebrate birth, death and all important stages in between. Ceremonies are held to thank the Gods and pray for blessings. You are welcome to join Bali ceremonies in Amed and we can help you dress in Balinese clothes.

When I am in Amed I love to join the ceremonies that mark the special occasions in life. For me this was especially important when we started to built Villa Sinar Cinta. But also before riding my new scooter and car!

Wayan performs a Bali ceremony for my new scooter with colourful offerings
Bali ceremony at Sinar Cinta
Mary during a Bali cleansing ceremony at Villa Sinar Cinta. This ceremony was held in preparation for Nyepi, the Balinese New Year.

Join our Balinese ceremonies in Amed

Sinar Cinta was built in the courtyard manner following Balinese architectural traditions. In the center of our garden we have an altar for daily offerings. Guests are welcome to participate in the ceremony and learn more about the Bali Hindu way of life. If there is a big ceremony on the beach next to our place or at the temple or wedding, our staff can help to dress you in Bali clothes and bring you along.

You can join Bali ceremonies on the beach next to our Villa Sinar Cinta in Amed.

The colourful cultural life and ceremonies in Bali are amazing

The cultural life in Bali is marked by a amazing variety of art, dance and ceremonies. If you like to know more about its background and enjoy local activities, we are happy to bring you along.

In the garden we have an altar for daily and special offerings during important Bali ceremony days like Nyepi and Galungan & Kuningan.

Bali architecture inspiration

2 replies on “How to join Bali ceremonies”

Ceremonies are certainly more important in these times than ever before. Thank you for the authentic presentation of Balinese life and values. We appreciate this very much. Also, thank you to Mary for offering this window of hope. The example of living a powerful, humble, very supportive life is important and real. Thank you for sharing your heart and your information.

Dear Sylvia,

Thank you so much for your reaction to Balinese life and values. It means a lot to us to reach out to our guests from all over the world. In Indonesia we say, ‘one day this storm will pass’ and when we can support eachother, that is all that matters. We hope to welcome you back next year in Amed, Bali.
For now we wish you and your family Happy Holidays and a good and healthy 2021.
With our warmest regards,

Mary plus all of us from Villa Sinar Cinta.

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