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How to make mango ice cream

Let me show you how to make a simple homemade mango ice cream with max 3 or 4 ingredients and enjoy it every day without too many calories. I just use mango or pineapple with banana and plain yoghurt. You can use other soft fruit like red dragon but most important is to use banana because it makes the ice cream more creamy. A bit of lemon juice adds an extra fresh flavour.

home made mango ice cream
  • Peal the fruit
  • Slice it in small parts or cubes
  • Mix it with a little lemon juice
  • Put it in plastic bag or jar which is suitable for the fridge
  • Keep it in the fridge for a couple of hours untill it is deep frozen
  • Use a blender to put in two table spoons of plain yoghurt
  • Add parts of the frozen fruit to the blender and mix it till the fruit looks smooth
  • Put the mango ice cream in small plastic cups with a lid
  • Put all the cups in the fridge for a few hours untill it is frozen
  • Enjoy your home made mango ice cream 🙂
Mango from our tree
I feel so lucky to pick mango from our tree in Amed. When the tree had no fruit in the first years I was disappointed but when it started to bear fruit I was so happy. This mango is very suitable for a home made mango ice cream.

Tropical Fruit names and origin

Bali offers many sorts of fresh fruit from its own land. Some exotic fruit is also imported from other Indonesian islands and from abroad. I am very happy to grow some fruit in my own garden.

A very nice alternative for mango is pine apple. This is my 2,5 kilo trophy I picked from my garden just before Christmas. I got this by topping a pine apple and putting the top right into a big pot with fresh soil. Woohoo so this is how small miracles can happen.

Fruit is also used as offering during Bali Ceremonies.