What to do in Amed

What to do in Amed if you are interested in more than diving and snorkelling? Discover hidden spots and find out how you can explore this part of East-Bali by land and by sea. Amed is actually a long coastline of small villages, connected together, as places to visit for those who love water sports, nature and agricultural landscapes.

Amed the long coastline of connected villages seen from the Bali Sea.

Enjoy a magnificent sunrise

Rise up at 6 in the morning and find a place where you can see the sunset. Easy if you happen to stay on the beach. Otherwise take a nice early beachwalk or head out on a boat to see the sunrise at sea. This is a great opportunity to see the fishermen on their traditional sailing boats, called ‘Jukung’.

Sunrise in front of Villa Sinar Cinta
Sunrise in front of Villa Sinar Cinta in Amed, captured by our special guest Michael Geerings. Michael has been here many times and photographed the sunrise from the upper terrace.

Catch your own fish

Amed is a traditional fishing village, where the fishermen go out to sea early morning or at night. If you like to go fishing, you can go sailing with a local fisherman and combine this with a sunrise or sunset sight seeing trip. If you happen to catch fish, you can have it prepared at the place where you are staying, either grilled or steamed in banana leaves.

Max is very lucky with his catch of the day, caught at sea during his boattrip.

Taste Amed sea salt

Amed is known for their sea salt that is popular among chefs in and outside Indonesia. You can visit the Amed Salt center to learn about the production and buy the salt.

Jl. I Ketut Natih, Purwakerti, Abang, Kabupaten Karangasem, Bali 80852
80852 Karangasem, Bali, Indonesia, telephone: +628819-3645-1718

What to do in Amed_salt_production_on_the_beach
Baskets with sea salt on the beach in Amed, a traditional craft in Amed.

Walk around the farmer fields

If you walk around in Amed, you will find fields of corn, peanuts, vegetables and rice plants. If you love to see the local agricultural life, you can see farmers planting the fields or prepare for harvest. Sometimes before or after school children help to wash their cows and feed the pigs and chickens.

A ricefield along Melasti Road on the way to Villa Sinar Cinta in Amed is one of the beautiful landscapes.

Go tracking to a refreshing water fall

The hills behind the coastline of Amed are great to explore especially if you love tracking. Here you will see panorama views and even find a ‘hidden waterfall’. To visit this area you have to be an experienced driver or go with a guide.

This ‘hidden’ waterfall is to be found in the hillside part of Amed.

Learn how to dive

There are many great spots in Amed for diving and snorkelling as I have described my experiences on my blog. If you can spent a few days here you will have a good opportunity to learn how to dive and get your PADI certificate. There are SSI dive instructors who teach in multiple languages.

what to do in Amed_dive_course_east-bali
Me at Villa Sinar Cinta following instructions from SSI dive instructor Lena from the Amed Dive Center. She is fluent in English, German and Bahasa Indonesia.

Take in the views on Mount Agung

Wherever you go in Amed, you will see the volcano Mount Agung. Especially during sunset it looks spectacular. Combined with a drink or dinner on the beach or from the hills, it’s a sight to enjoy at the end of a perfect day.

Sunset Mount Agung Amed East-Bali
Sunset view on Mount Agung from a cornfield at Melasti Road in Amed.

Find out more about what to do in Amed

To discover more about Amed and hotspots in East-Bali, feel free to contact me. I can connect you with drivers, special guides and fishermen.

Diving & snorkelling

How to go diving and snorkelling in Amed

Amed and Tulamben offer some of the best hotspots for diving and snorkelling right next to the coast of East-Bali. Near Tulamben is the famous WWII USA shipwreck called ‘The US Liberty’. Close to Amed there is a small Japanese WWII shipwreck just in front of the coast. And there are many more exciting places to go diving and snorkelling.

Fish in the Bali Sea
This picture was taken by one of the divers who stayed at Villa Sinar Cinta in Amed.

Snorkelling with your family in Jemeluk Bay Amed

The most suitable place to go snorkelling and diving in Amed is at Jemeluk Bay, as mostly the sea current here is not so strong. Small children and those who are trying for their first time can step easily into the sea to discover the colourful fish, coral and sea stars in the Bali Sea. It’s also very exciting to explore the special underwater statues of a ‘mermaid’ and a ‘temple’.

We organise snorking & diving trips from our Villa Sinar Cinta

If you want to go snorkelling or diving in Amed, we can arrange this for you with individual snorkelling guides and with the local diving schools. There are SSI dive instructors who can speak English, German, French, Bahasa Indonesia and Chinese. Amed is also known for special Free Diving courses. Contact us for more information.

Mary Afdan new snorkelling mask
This new snorkelmask has greatly improved my time and my pleasure snorkelling, also here at Jemeluk Bay.

What to bring with you when snorkelling

Masks and other gear can be rented in Amed, but I always bring my own snorkle mask.

See my first GoPro recording of a turtle in the Bali Sea

I am so proud of my first GoPro recording of this turtle in the Bali Sea

The villa is about 40m from the beach with some of the best macro sealife you can find (shrimp, crabs, seahorses, etc) 10/10 would stay again!

Claude & Melissa from Michingan in the USA about diving in Amed in their review of Villa Sinar Cinta on Airbnb.

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