Diving & snorkelling

How to go diving and snorkelling in Amed

Amed and Tulamben offer some of the best hotspots for diving and snorkelling right next to the coast of East-Bali. Near Tulamben is the famous WWII USA shipwreck called ‘The US Liberty’. Close to Amed there is a small Japanese WWII shipwreck just in front of the coast. And there are many more exciting places to go diving and snorkelling.

Fish in the Bali Sea
This picture was taken by one of the divers who stayed at Villa Sinar Cinta in Amed.

Snorkelling with your family in Jemeluk Bay Amed

The most suitable place to go snorkelling and diving in Amed is at Jemeluk Bay, as mostly the sea current here is not so strong. Small children and those who are trying for their first time can step easily into the sea to discover the colourful fish, coral and sea stars in the Bali Sea. It’s also very exciting to explore the special underwater statues of a ‘mermaid’ and a ‘temple’.

We organise snorking & diving trips from our Villa Sinar Cinta

If you want to go snorkelling or diving in Amed, we can arrange this for you with individual snorkelling guides and with the local diving schools. There are SSI dive instructors who can speak English, German, French, Bahasa Indonesia and Chinese. Amed is also known for special Free Diving courses. Contact us for more information.

Mary Afdan new snorkelling mask
This new snorkelmask has greatly improved my time and my pleasure snorkelling, also here at Jemeluk Bay.

What to bring with you when snorkelling

Masks and other gear can be rented in Amed, but I always bring my own snorkle mask.

See my first GoPro recording of a turtle in the Bali Sea

I am so proud of my first GoPro recording of this turtle in the Bali Sea

The villa is about 40m from the beach with some of the best macro sealife you can find (shrimp, crabs, seahorses, etc) 10/10 would stay again!

Claude & Melissa from Michingan in the USA about diving in Amed in their review of Villa Sinar Cinta on Airbnb.

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I am happy to give you some ideas of the beaten track, so you can experience the old authentic Bali. Just like the Dutch family Van Mierlo enjoyed their holiday when they stayed at our Villa Sinar Cinta in Amed twice. See their photo’s below as they loved to go rafting, sailing and tracking. They can’t wait to come back again.

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Ceremony on Melasti Beach in front of our house in Amed, Karangasem, East-Bali

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Driver Komang sharing fruit from the tree
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Explore hotspots enroute to Amed

From the south of Bali, like for instance from the airport it takes about 2,5 hours to travel to Amed. If you like to know which hotspots you can explore be sure to read my article about these 11 hotspots enroute to Amed.

Health protocols

Villa Sinar Cinta is a registered and fully licensed tourist accomodation. We follow all necessary health protocols for the safety of our guests and our staff during the covid19 pandemic. This applies to the cleaning of the entire villa and to welcoming our guests. We expect our guests to wear mouth masks and follow the rules of the Balinese government in preventing the spread of the virus.